Statues in the park

It is such a beautiful day today – we weegies have to celebrate these – so Niall and I pocketed our cameras and headed out to Kelvingrove. The sun was shining on the Uni tower, looking tiny here in comparison to the Highland Light Infantry Memorial:

Highland Light Infantry Memorial

It was busy in the park today, with lots of folk out with the weans, so taking shots of scenery free of humans was hard. I spotted a squirrel, though, darting through the trees:


As we walked up to the highest part of the park, I asked Niall who this statue was of:

Lord Roberts

“Probably somebody who killed lots of people”, he guessed – yup, he was right. The plaque on the statue could be the Brexit Manifesto, he suggested:

Lord Roberts' statue plaque

To many statues glorifying war in this park – here’s a better one:

statue of lioness and cubs

As we wandered around, I clicked through the filters on my camera, experimenting with an extra bright one:

Glasgow Autumn

And taking yet another photo of the Uni Tower:

Autumn Tower

And the fountain – costing £200 in 1870 – that’s actually only just over £20K nowadays:

Kelvingrove Stewert Memorial fountain

This is lovely – with imagery of the Trossachs taken from Scott’s “the lady of the lake”, this was erected to celebrate the establishment of Glasgow’s first permanent supply of fresh water from Loch Katrine (ain’t Google great?).

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  1. dogtrax says:

    Cool .. thanks for bringing us along on your adventures ….

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