Ten Little Nomads

Before Christmas I sent ten little parcels across the world to some of my friends – not sure of when they would arrive, but hoping I had got the timings right …

First was Ron – not surprising as the Netherlands is closest to me:

Next was Karen in Arizona:

Then Susan in Maryland – shown here with the blue nomad I sent her last year:

Charlene’s little nomad is winking, she says:

And Kevin’s nomad is the star in this stop motion animation:

That’s five. I do so hope the others eventually find their new homes.

Happy Moocmas all of you 🙂

Update: Number six checked in late Tuesday night – it found its way to Sheri:

And number seven arrived at Melvina’s in Hawaii on Wednesday:

Number eight appeared on Thursday at Stephanie’s:

Number nine arrived at Tania’s in Australia- just in time for Russian Orthodox Christmas:

Just one to go …

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4 Responses to Ten Little Nomads

  1. dogtrax says:

    Love that they are a globe-trotting traveling band of nomads …

  2. scottx5 says:

    Angels and Dragons must be nomads too. Merry Christmas Sarah.

  3. Karen Fasimpaur says:

    Lovely collection of images and lovely to receive such a nice gift!

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