The best decision I ever made

I had a training course off campus today, so all week I’ve been planning to use this as an opportunity to respond to Kim’s weekly photo challenge¬†and take photos of the path I chose to walk along. As a bonus today’s Daily Create asks what the best decision I ever made was, so this post counts as a twofer ūüôā

Actually. although I set out with my camera to hand, it was such a glorious day that I nearly forgot, but as I passed by the fountain I remembered and turned around:

The Stewart Memorial Fountain

This fountain was designed as a¬†monument to the late Lord Provost Robert Stewart, “the man deemed most responsible for establishing Glasgow’s first permanent supply of fresh water from Loch Katrine“. I love knowing things like this about my city – so much of it is about the ordinary folk who lived and live here. The whole park was originally designed by Joseph Paxton, head gardener at Chatsworth House in North Derbyshire – a place I used to visit often as it was very close to where I grew up – a serendipitous connection for me when I remember it.

A little further on I stopped to admire some geraniums – these are semi-wild around Glasgow. I was going to move so that my shadow was not in shot, but I decided to leave it as it was:


Another thing I love about my city is the juxtaposition of different faiths and cultures – such as here:


and from the other side:


and here:


The building that the training course was happening in is not a beautiful work of architecture (it’s the big one at the end of the road with the glass front):


But my uni rent the 6th floor, and the views from the training room are stunning:


The Uni tower is in the background of this one:


And the Mitchell Library, open to the public, is opposite:


I particularly love the statue of Minerva on the roof:


Apparently she’s referred to as Mrs Mitchell – though I’ve never heard that myself.

Then down below to the right some more Glasgow treasures –¬†another juxtaposition I note between the opulence of the Mitchell, the necessity of the pornbroker, and the curry shop – so many different messages dancing around in my mind there:


This restaurant ¬†was first opened in 1964- that’s the year I was born.

So what was the best decision I ever made? Why, to move to Glasgow, of course. I have never regretted that snap decision made almost 20 years ago.




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2 Responses to The best decision I ever made

  1. Tania Sheko says:

    Thank you for a lovely walk through your town. Beautiful. I like that you left your shadow in the photo. I’m usually keen to eradicate any trace of my presence in my photos but why? Where did you live before you moved to Glasgow?

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thank you. Yes – I usually remove any trace of me from my photos as well – I’m trying to change that.

      I lived in Southampton before I moved here, and before that the Isle of Wight. Very different scenery – both physical and political.

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