Recently Terry introduced me to Lumen 5, a neat free tool that lets you make videos out of blog posts. He’s done  a few, and blogged about it again today. I still had Alan’s latest post open in my browser, so I used that to make a quick video.

It’s a lovely tool to use – really quick and easy to work out. After publishing it takes a few minutes to render, so I went off and cleared some emails from my inbox while I waited. I’m really pleased with the result.

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6 Responses to CogDogVidBlog

  1. Wow!! Sarah – this is absolutely mindblowing!
    Funnily enough, I had just read the blog also – so seeing THIS so soon after – truly amazing!
    I think this is one I need to learn to do!!

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      It is sooo easy Sandra – it chooses really great images for the words. It is even easier than Zeega. I’m in love!

      • Wendy says:

        I also like the flexibility of doing your own search for images and even starting from scratch and writing your own storyboard! Also the free download so you can upload to Youtube is great. This tool is ticking all the boxes so far!

  2. Wendy says:

    Here is my blog post about it …. in Sandra’s space of #CreativeHE at the moment. Some great comments on my blog post too!

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