If I had three wishes

Oil lampI set the Daily Create today, without having anything particular in mind when I did it. So if I had three wishes, what would they be? Obviously an end to this neo-liberal capitalist nightmare of wars, poverty and corruption. But, in a less altruistic vein, here are my three wishes at the moment:

  1. To be better at image manipulation. I’d like to be as good as this guy, or like Average Rob, but it takes time to learn and more skilz than I has.
  2. To be better at playing uke. I can strum, but I need to practice more, and more, and more …
  3. To be able to draw. I can’t. Never could. Maybe I’ll take an art class when I retire.

“Project 365-329/365 Three Wishes 三個願望” flickr photo by Li Jen Jian  shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

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4 Responses to If I had three wishes

  1. Don’t wait till you retire!
    I’m hoping to persuade my boss that I should take an art class – and reflect on it through an Education Developer lens – and thus evolve more creative strategies to embed in our staff development.
    I’ve spotted one that runs for ten Wednesdays in September…
    Wish me luck!

  2. For easy image manipulation, have a look at Bazaart app, if you’ve got an iphone or an ipad.
    Truely awesome app.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I don’t have an iphone – Android all the way here (easier to have one platform for all my devices so they can sync).

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