Ugly is as ugly does

Last week I shocked my readers with my tirade against dandelions – so I’m amused to see that this week Kim’s photo prompt is about finding ugly things. Well, of course – as she says – beauty and ugliness are in the eye of the beholder, but this monster is now gone from the garden where it was not looking its best:

dead teasel

This teasel was gloriously ugly in its prime – it broke through its pot and rooted itself into the patio last summer, so we liberated it and planted it in the orchard where it loomed over the apple saplings. Today all that remained was this dead twig. Here it is last September:


It was pretty ugly then, but in a Little Shop of Horrors sort of way – it was so gloriously in-your-face ugly that it deserved pride of place.

Not like dandelions. 😉

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  1. scottx5 says:

    What an awful plant. Living near commercial farms, we are occasionally visited by the pasture-pest folks from the department of agriculture to warn us of dangerous plants recently spotted in our neighborhood. No pictures they have in their binders can compare to this monster.

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