Find 5 Friday songs

It’s Friday, I am alone on the office, and it’s that time of day. Here’s five songs that I like for #F5F

The Damned Smash  It Up

The Members The Sound of the Suburbs

Jeff Beck  Hi Ho Silver Lining

Terry Jacks  Seasons In The Sun

The Monkees  Daydream Believer

What are some of your favourite songs?

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3 Responses to Find 5 Friday songs

  1. dogtrax says:

    Cool list … have not thought of the Damned in a long time … and Jeff Beck? Oh yeah! And I don’t know The Members … now I do!

  2. dogtrax says:

    How about Five Steve Earle Songs? I don’t know why I am focused on him, but I do love his songwriting. I’m a gonna share them with you on Twitter …

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