I’m always looking at the sky – my camera is full of pictures of sunshine and sunsets – so Kim’s weekly photo challenge is right up my street this week. The pic above is of Bridge Street subway early one morning a few months ago – I love this image.

Last November we travelled south for mum’s 80th birthday, and walked along a local beach as the day was closing in. I always love being near the sea, and the sunset was stunning:

Beach scene

Sunset over the sea

Back in Glasgow we get spectacular evenings as well – here’s a couple of the beautiful Uni tower:

Glasgow University sky

This next one was taken through the car window:

Glasgow University sky

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? Here’s one over Loch Ness, where my brother and his family rented a boat this Easter:

Loch Ness rainbow

and here’s a doubler outside our house recently:


I could go on, and on – but I’ll end with one of naughty little Cagney – who escaped from Niall’s loft study and got stuck on the roof – it took a while to coax her back in:

Bad cat

What’s the sky like where you live?





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