Creative Playfulness and Convivial Interactions

I’m giving a paper at the SocMedHE conference at Sheffield Hallam this Tuesday called Creative Playfulness and Convivial Interactions in a Participatory Culture: recent findings and implications for Higher Education. It’s based on some of the findings from my PhD research on CLMoooc, and I’m suggesting that CLMooc is better thought of as an affinity space than as a community, as it’s the things that we do that bring us together.

I think that the best way to describe CLMooc is to show the audience some of the many collaborations that have happened over the years. I’ve got some ideas, but I’d like to ask all of you what, of all the stuff that’s happened, you think I should be talking about. So I’ve set up a Google Doc and I’m hoping you’ll share some ideas with me. Here’s the link.

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  1. dogtrax says:

    Sarah — the file seems to be on view only?

    Anyhoo …

    One of my favorite CLMOOC Makes was an offshoot musical “Curiosity Conversation” collaboration with Karon Bielenda, in which she and I used CLMOOC tweets from a chat as the basis for a collaborative musical collaboration, turning the social stream into a piece of art.


  2. I’ve got several favorite CLmooc acitivities (are more than 1 allowed, any way breaking the rules is part of the game IMHO):
    – silentsunday – so nice to just share a photo. Nothing much needed of words, just share something of your sunday with others. I love the ‘smallness’ of it, that’s part of its beauty to me.
    – decdoodle – Love it! 1 word as a trigger … many different ways of respons. Just lovely.
    – making music together, Kevin making a start, others coming into it, sharing the result of our collaborative composition. Love it!
    – our coloring book. Made me aware of the existence of, worldwide printing on demand. It made me try to publish my own book through LULU. Due to the awful website (which contradicts itself when it comes to complicated editing of a layout) I gave up on LULU. A Google search brought me to CREATESPACE.COM which is connected to Amazon. Great interface, very clear what you have to do … and now by own book is available at Amazon’s online store. How awesome can it get!!!!

  3. I agree with Kevin and Ron— and the first thing I always think of is the “light” prompt, to which Kevin created our “Constellation” collaboration:

  4. And it’s not just collaboration to create — CLmooc also means collaboration to think and rethink, as in this consideration of animation based on the input of my fantastic CLmooc friends:

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Yes, that’s so true. When I think of all I have learnt from you all it is way more than just how to make things – it’s how to think, how to behave, so much.

      • I’m wondering if we learn so well from each other because we connect in CLmooc as people, as friends, mentors, or colleagues. We’re aren’t just a tweet to which we retort– we consider the people and the connection behind the post we’re reading. We’re also having conversations, being thoughtful, not reactive, in our sharing. That might be a lesson for everyone.

  5. Then there’s the poetry, the word play, and passions inspired by personal connections and memories. I write about these prompts, collaborations, and poetry here:

  6. Learning in CLmooc through connected learning principles is inherent throughout its history. This post from 2014 shares this Prezi reflection of that year’s journey through each principle: The links work on the desktop version of prezi.

  7. Wendy Taleo says:

    My fave (and there has been a few) was the CLMOOC Flash mob dance. This had many layers of collaboration. The background music was a soundtrap collaboration and then many contributed a dance segment. In my p ideas of stitching this video together (yes yarn reference there) it was like a close reading of people’s contribution….angle, light and many other factors were considered. This included cat contributors as well! @wentale

  8. charlenedoland57 says:

    Sarah, I was also unable to modify your Google doc. Ditto for what Ron said about #decdoodle. For whatever reason, it took off like a rocket (worth investigating and analyzing the reasons) and has been fun to participate in and see the work of others. The #postcard project is the most awesome thing ever. I think it is the longest-running CLMOOC collaboration (so far). I also greatly enjoyed participating in the collaborative stories Storyjumper ( and Searching for Chalkboard Man ( I say amen to the points you and Sheri made in your dialogue above, that CLMOOC provides opportunities to make positive personal and professional connections; we find common ground in spite of our many differences.

    Good luck on Tuesday!

  9. Good luck, Sarah! I’ve tweeted out your request as well… Do let us know how your paper goes down? AND.. if you would write us a #Take5 blogpost on any aspect of this – that would be fab! Best, Sandra

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