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Imagine you’d be making a trip of more than 15 years long. Get your babies on the way, each in a different continent. And do all that driving a 90 year old car. TDC2187

If I had the time, I’d take a trip around the world and meet all of the DS106 and CLMooc folk . First the UK and Europe

Then down to Australia and New Zealand (and also to the Philippines, to see a rhizo pal)

Up to South America, especially Guyana to meet Len

And last, but my no means least, to the US and Canada to meet so many folk.

Meantime I’ll make do with my globe and all the ways we connect.

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6 Responses to Zapp Map

  1. lenandlar says:

    You are welcome to visit Guyana anytime. Lovely thoughtful post.

  2. scottx5 says:

    Definitely Guyana before Canada, too cold here right now. Here in Alberta we have two seasonal markers, Freeze-Up and Thaw. Luckily, they can be as much as 2 days apart.
    Nice globe! Love it that Billings Montana and Salt Lake City are the only towns in Middle America.

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thanks Scott – it’s definitely the time of year to visit the Antipodes right now. I hope you’re managing to keep warm. I see that Dave guy is talking about doing something rhizo …

  3. tutormentor1 says:

    Wish I had the resources and time to travel the world and visit all the people who have been sharing ideas via the #clmooc network. I don’t, so next best thing is following posts on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

    There are story map tools that you could use to show these connections. I created one to show people I connected with in one week of on-line annotation.

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