Back from a quick weekend break to Shetland. The views from our hotel window in Lerwick was amazing:Niall spent a lot of time looking at divers and working out what they were:


We didn’t see many Shetland ponies, but here is one:

Shetland pony

No puffins, either,but many, many fulmars:


and a bolshie seagull, waiting to cross the road:

Who are you looking at?

Lots of sheep:


Hundreds of guillemots:


And, as we headed back to the airport, we had to wait as the air ambulance crossed over the road:


A beautiful place for a short break:


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  1. lisamnoble says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. The concept of being able to just go to Shetland for the weekend is mind-boggling to me. I’m so happy that there was birding and yarning to be had. One thing this year-off adventure has taught me is that I need to have my weekends with my family. If that means I spend longer at school during the week, then so be it.

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