Two years ago I bought the material to make a pair of curtains for my bedroom, but the holidays passed and the curtains didn’t get made.  The material sat around for a while with Lacey using it as a cushion, and then I packed it away in a bag and shoved it under the sofa. Not quite out of sight or out of mind. I could see the bag out of the corner of my eye, guilt-tripping me, but still they didn’t get made.

Finally, this year – almost two years to the day since I bought the material, I have new curtains. This holiday I have more energy (I have been boosting my B12, maybe that helped; I am happier at work, that definitely helped; a few little motivating things happened, I am sure they also helped).

So here they are. Please note that in order to make these curtains I had two apprentices – one to help with the linings, the other to help with the main material. They were diligent with their help and loyal to their chosen material. Note how cleverly each of them takes the smooth material and ruches it. It’s that attention to detail that I love.

cagney curtain

lacey curtain

And here they are, hanging at the windowsill at last.

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5 Responses to Curtains

  1. dogtrax says:

    The cats seem to like them, too

  2. We have a new kitty. Nothing is safe. I understand! Love the new curtains— colorful!

  3. Anna says:

    Congrats! I have quite a few half-finished or not-even-started projects laying around. Fabric is so expensive in the US. Is it equally expensive there? That is such an investment of time too! #worthit They look great!

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      Thanks Anna – the price of material varies over here, but velvet is usually fairly expensive. I was lucky to buy this in a sale, so it was quite reasonable, and hopefully they will last for a long time!

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