Dots, dots everywhere


Today’s dots – a freshly baked batch of oatcakes. Time is of the essence with these – they need to be quickly mixed together and rolled out while the dough is still warm, else the mixture sets and becomes unworkable. In addition, the more it is rolled out, the harder it is to use, so these are imperfect – quickly cut out and put onto a baking tray. They won’t last long anyway – they are too tasty, we have so much cheese in the house right now, and they are also perfect for a quick snack.

Holiday time is a luxury I appreciate – time to bake, time to relax. Doodling, reading recipes, recharging my batteries. Knitting – always knitting – more dots here in the selection of yarns I have chosen for a scarf for mum – oddments from projects made for family and friends (I will tell her the pale blue is from a sweater I made for dad, she will appreciate that).


No metaphors today, just happy relaxed writing.

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3 Responses to Dots, dots everywhere

  1. dogtrax says:

    A metaphorical-free day … nice.

  2. I think there’s a little metaphor, because Kevin just wrote about our favorite word apps not working anymore, a bit like your dough! And, we move so quickly through our the tasty intellectual delights of our community sharing…. you can’t get away from it — the yarn is always unraveling and reformed into some new delight to share! Love both images too!

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