1. Find a photo (a bunch of tulips, opening and dropping their petals quickly in this heated room)
  2. Open it in Paint (it’s easy, and familiar)
  3. Spend ages deciding what words to use (in the end I Google “flower, quote”)
  4. Paste a few words onto the image and save
  5. Undo, paste the next few words, save with a new file name
  6. Repeat for the whole quote
  7. Head over to
  8. Upload all of the images and make a gif
  9. Save to PC
  10. Upload to WordPress and add to blog post.
  11. Publish
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5 Responses to MYOB

  1. tutormentor1 says:

    I just learned of the multiple images GIF last week. Thanks for another suggestion on ways to use this. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Terry Elliott says:

    Adjacencies—the liminal way to learn , one threshold at a time

  3. fmindlin says:

    Nice quote. Just had this one bubble up:
    Speak about your actions. Act your speech.

  4. My god Sarah – beautiful but so time consuming. Is it worth it? (I say that with real interest – for e.g. is this something to ask students to do?)

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I think so, Sandra. It doesn’t actually take very long once you know what you are doing, and I think it’s teaching students to do something that is fun, and that they can use elsewhere.There’s also phone apps that they could use to do the image creation (Canva, Phonto, others I am sure) so I think students could find lots of ways of doing this.

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