I see everybody’s annotation. I applaud Terry’s innotation. Here I raise you all with my onnotation.

How I did this:

  1. Screen capped Terry’s post and saved it to my PC
  2. Drew a canary bird and scanned it to my PC
  3. Opened both in GIMP
  4. Cut around the tweety bird with the lasso tool
  5. Pasted as a layer into the screen cap image, positioned where I wanted it and exported the image with a new file name
  6. Moved the tweety bird and repeated, again changing the file name (onnotation1, onnotation2 …).
  7. I did this six times in total.
  8. Closed all the windows
  9. Opened all of the (six) images of bird-on-blog that I had saved as layers
  10. Exported as gif, tweeking the settings to get the animation to the speed I wanted (I chose a 200 millisecond delay).
  11. Saved to my PC.
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4 Responses to Onnotation

  1. And colors match, too. I love this. Very creative …

  2. tutormentor1 says:

    I agree w Kevin. Would love to have people reading my blogs and annotating them with ideas like this so more people are looking and thinking about the ideas.

  3. I’m so glad you explained how you created your insert. I would have been “googling” plugins for wordpress. Ha. Other dictionary-like helps offline: WordPress for Dummies

    Love your creative extension [and doodle].

    I told Terry I’d find my hard copy after reading his poem.

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