Standing up for what one believes in

All I did was sign a letter.

A letter that asked for clarification about academic freedom.

That’s all.

As a result of signing that letter I have been sacked as editor of an academic journal

I have been told, by white men who were in power over me, that this was a matter of my power.

They said that I was not safe.

They said I should be ashamed.

They did not read the letter I signed, or if they did, they misread it.

They have shouted, moralised, pontificated.

I think they should be ashamed.

Ashamed for misreading so egregiously

Ashamed for publicly condemning me.

Ashamed enough to apologise.

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5 Responses to Standing up for what one believes in

  1. dogtrax says:

    I don’t know enough to comment about the issue but I wanted to comment to let you know I was here, reading your poem about the situation.

  2. scottx5 says:

    Sorry to hear about this.
    Some people are surprisingly fragile. In the roles they inhabit–unsure they are
    Like Humpty-Dumpty their balance is precarious and without wings their position always a worry and subject to sudden upset.

    And of course, some of us white men have never accounted for any decisions we’ve ever made.


  3. Not sure what letter – what Journal – but this sounds appalling Sarah! Thinking of you! S

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