Echo. Zine

Today I got an email: “Please find attached a fold-your-own zine titled: Echo. Zine”

Exciting! What would it be? I opened the attachment and followed the instructions.

I pondered, I wondered, I got out my colour pencils.

I coloured, I savoured the words.

I pondered, I remembered Steller.

I did not remember my password!

Eventually I got access. I played for a while.

Time to stop dithering. I publish. I did not add a description. You can imagine it is there.

Thanks Wendy 🙂

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One Response to Echo. Zine

  1. Wendy T says:

    I love this version of the zine. It makes me happy to think of some printed gum leaves flying to Scotland fro Australia through digitalisation. I wanted create an interactive gift that felt nearly as personal as a postcard. Thanks for the stellar version, a great way to read the zine.

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