What would Wittgenstein think of remix?

We were playing a game at the weekend, which Kevin started.

We answered by making an acrostic of the word we guessed until we got it right

Then Wendy put her twist on it. Different game, different rules. Obviously related – that’s how remix rolls, and the challenge is to work out what the new rules are, or how the old ones apply.

And that got me thinking: what would Wittgenstein think of remix? I think he’d have understood that it’s all a matter of what game you are playing.

“However many rules you give me—I give a rule which justifies my employment of your rules” (Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics [RFM] I-113).

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2 Responses to What would Wittgenstein think of remix?

  1. Wendy says:

    I had such fun trying to nut out a variation of the game. Playing the game is one thing, designing a remix game is another! I would need more time to get my version to ‘work’ but the beauty of communities like #clmooc is that there is a freedom to try things.

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