Line of Thought-une Teller

Fortune Teller

Another line of flight from the lines of thought. As I was playing around with papier mache for the plate, I remembered the flippy clicky things we used to make when we were children – a bit of thinking and Googling revealed that these are called paper fortune tellers or chatterboxes. I found some simple instructions to help me remember how to fold one. These are often done with numbers and colours, so I looked at the words in the poem and found that there were exactly four colours that I could use: green, greens, silver and turquoise. I decided to use nouns instead of numbers, and allocate them randomly to number between 1-8: bird, child, cat, snowdrop, wings, human, seeds, trees. The final panels in the game are “fortunes”, so I looked back to the poem and chose some appropriate phrases:

Fortune Teller
  • wonder rises
  • hope springs eternal
  • you notice gratitude
  • you glide, introspective
  • your mind shifts to stars
  • invisibly lifted, you soar higher
  • will you help us fly?
  • will you knit our thoughts together?

I wrote those into the appropriate panels and folded the clicker together. I had planned, at the beginning, to draw this all on my PC, type in all of the words and print it out, but I like the retro look of this version. It now sits on my desk, in one of my in trays, reminding me to pause and ask my fortune.

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  1. Oh my goodness…I love this! I have already modified to use this with my students…with the 30 poems they have written in April (or will have on Friday). They will have a found poem generator!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Wendy Taleo says:

    A thought-une teller! I love finding hidden fortune’s in poetry. Great idea from Kim to use it to create new poems. ‘Wonder rises’ indeed! Thanks for sharing this physical make and I’ve added it to my curation via the Poetry Reknit map.

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