Visible darning

Lacey's new bed

Many years ago mum made me a blanket for my bed. It’s made from woollen garments left at the end of a jumble sale, all in my favourite pinks. I put it on my bed when we first got the cats, and Lacey sees it as her own. Recently I noticed that it had been eaten by moths, so I brought it downstairs and put it on my yarn chest, intending to mend it. Of course, it is now Lacey’s new bed, as you can see. So now I am stuck with darning the matching cushion (actually, this is one of Cagney’s beds, so I’d better be quick before she misses it!

Visible darning

As I was searching for ideas for mending this and celebrating the wear and tear, rather than hiding it, I came across Sashiko, which is exactly the ethos I was looking for as it’s a way of celebrating the remix.

Now if only Lacey will let me darn her new cat bed …

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2 Responses to Visible darning

  1. Cool fabric remix idea ..thanks for bringing it forward

  2. wendy taleo says:

    The darn cat / should learn to sew / or put to bed the holes! haha

    I love visible mending. Every winter my son wears holes in his trousers. Luckily he is happy to wear a turtle or arrow or red bomb with contrasting thread at his knee! When our short winter is past, I cut them off at the knees and it’s shorts for the summer!

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