Time to Relax


This Christmas I’ve had a holiday. For (most of) the last three weeks I’ve not worried about work, or agonised about what I should be reading and writing. And as I relaxed, I realised that this is the first Xmas that I can remember for at least 20 years that I’ve not had a mountain of academic work hanging over me: no piles of essays to mark; no outstanding PhD thesis to guilt trip me.

This meant that I’ve been able to really relax and take a break. I’ve written lists of things I wanted to do, rather than things I thought I ought to do, and I’ve crossed each one off with a sense of joy, rather than the usual relief. I have:

  • Spent time doing the CLMOOC Daily Doodles
  • Caught up with some old DS106 Daily Creates
  • Knitted myself a cardigan (and started planning my next one)
  • Enjoyed tidying, cooking, cleaning
  • Read novels, watched trashy TV, tuned my ukes again
  • Ignored emails and Teams

And overall I have just relaxed. Tomorrow I go back to work. Well, all good things come to an end.

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