Getting back into the habit

I haven’t written much here recently. I used to write at least one post a month, but once I started posting my Silent Sunday photo posts time has passed my by without me noticing that has been all I’ve been posting. I love my daily and weekly challenges, but I miss the peace that reflective writing brings to me.

As time passes, it gets harder to get back into the habit. It’s easy to press publish on an imperfect post when it’s written quickly – but when posts become irregular it’s somehow harder to release them into the world, and I hesitate to write unless I have something polished.

I should know better – I do know better. A strand of my PhD thesis was about being ‘good enough’ rather than ‘perfect’, and I have learnt to let go of my makes and remixes and not to worry that they are rough around the edges. I know it too, really, when I write – but somehow I have got out of the habit of talking out loud.

So now, with only minutes before I need to go and cook tea, I am going to hit publish in this post and promise myself to remember to talk out loud here, sometimes.

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