Postcards as an antidote to AI

Postcard Prep
Postcard Prep” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

It’s been far too long since I got out my supplies and decided on a theme for a round of postcards, but this week we’ve set things in motion. Inspired by a MOOC type thing that some of us are dabbling in, we’ve embarked on a new round of postcard sending.

Join us, if you like.

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2 Responses to Postcards as an antidote to AI

  1. Emma says:

    I’d forgotten how much stamps have gone up!

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      It shocks me every time I look. When I bought these it was £1.70 for international letters, I’ll have to add extra stamps now 🙁

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