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Twitter Favouriting

How do you use the Twitter star or heart function? Maha recently published a post mentioning some of the responses to the recent change by Twitter from a star to a heart. I’m pondering doing an analysis of some Twitter hashtags … Continue reading

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Playing pictures

What does your favourite picture sound like? Want to find out? Here’s what I did: I took a screenshot of the DigiWriMo TAGS Explorer with MS Paint and ran it through Audiopaint which I had downloaded (free) a while back. I generated the … Continue reading

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Elfje: My Little 11 poem

This elfje poem is inspired by @ronald_2008s blog post for part of Digital Writing Month Look A frog Under that stone Jumping in the water SPLASH flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (PD) license

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A Treasure

I came home on a wet and windy evening earlier this week to find a card through my door telling me that the postie had tried to deliver a “brown box”. I wasn’t expecting any deliveries, so I wondered what … Continue reading

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My First Comic

This week’s Annotation/Conversation activity from Tellio the Pirate is all about comix making. I realised when I made this that my problem was not so much with making the pix part of that, Witty Comics did that easily – it … Continue reading

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It started with Simon’s students Etienne and Loic who wrote a song about a road trip which Simon encouraged DigiWriMo peeps to record their own version. Several did, and you can find the lyrics and links in this Google Doc as well as in Simon’s … Continue reading

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CVs and Resumes

We don’t have resumes here in the UK, just CVs. Whether you’re applying for a job as part time bar stuff, retail manager or academic, you pull together an appropriate CV, which should only stretch to 2 sides of A4 … Continue reading

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Storyjumpers 4: Confessions of a uke player

[This is part 4 of a story jumping activity for Digital Writing Month. Bruno started it, followed by Kevin  and Maha. Sign up in the Google Doc if you’d like to join in] Ouch – my head hurts! What on … Continue reading

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Alt-CVs for DigiWriMo

As part of Digital Writing Month (#DigiWriMo) we have introduced a pre-course activity for folk to introduce themselves by writing an alternative CV, or resume.  I’ve  started curating these using Hackpad. I am loving seeing the diverse approaches people are taking to … Continue reading

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Making conversation

While I love participating in events such as the rhizothings and other connectivist happenings, they can be both overwhelming and isolating at times. Overwhelming because of the sheer volume of content that is being disseminated; isolating because while everybody is sharing with … Continue reading

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