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Haikus for learning

Over the last month I’ve been participating in the Active Learning Network (ALN) CPD Series. This has consisted in a set of webinars with each one facilitated by a different members of the ALN CPD organising team, and three presenters … Continue reading

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Ode to Starlight, the Eternal Dancer

Today’s Daily Create asks us to write a poem or piece of prose about this image and also what she is dancing to if we like. This statue reminded me of a statue of Shiva that lives in a local … Continue reading

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Ode to the Moon

By ChatGPT #tdc4292 #ds106 #WriteOut  Ode to the Moon, celestial queen of night, In your gentle glow, we find pure delight. With silvery beams that softly grace the skies, You reign in splendor, a sight to mesmerize. Your tranquil face, … Continue reading

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A Haiku for ETMooc2

Sitting on a Sunday afternoon, wondering what to do that is vaguely ETMooc2 related, I open up Chat GPT and ask it to write me a haiku about writer’s block. Then, inspired by Kevin’s blog post, I put the haiku … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. As I’m currently playing with AI with #ETMooc2, I asked ChatGPT to write me a poem. I also asked NightCafe for ” a birthday card with cats and prog rock”. “Today is my birthday. I like … Continue reading

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Writer’s Silence

I am reduced to silence Promising ideas dance at the edge of my mind Quietly vanishing when caught on paper Inky moths, stilled by a lepidopterist’s pin Dying, dissolving, leaving me bereft Exhausted by the effort of achieving nothing, I … Continue reading

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Pentimento (Aletheia)

Does a sculptor chip away To uncover the image within? Or is structure created As marble is shaped? The age old question: Does Science discover Truth or create it? Is beauty innate, or in the eye of the beholder? (And … Continue reading

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No early morning alarms, no dashing to the station No overcrowded trains, no soulless hotel rooms No buffet lunch tables, groaning with murdered animals, smelling of dead fish No late nights home: hungry, headachy, tired The joy of staying home, … Continue reading

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Last month Wendy and I gave a presentation about the collaborative poem that happened as a result of a DS106 Daily Create. It was 9am Sydney time, making it early am for Wendy and late evening (10pm) for me, but … Continue reading

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Line of Thought-une Teller

Another line of flight from the lines of thought. As I was playing around with papier mache for the plate, I remembered the flippy clicky things we used to make when we were children – a bit of thinking and … Continue reading

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