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Write Out

As anyone who lives in Glasgow will tell you, Glaschu means “dear green place” in Scottish Gaelic. And I feel very lucky to live in a vibrant city that has so many parks. Kelvingrove is the one I visit most, … Continue reading

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Today’s feldgang – I nipped out to see if a colleague was in, and took a shortcut back through our Uni chapel. I always feel guilty doing this – and more so today as I quickly took out my phone … Continue reading

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The Lion and the Unicorn

It’s a funny old day … in a not funny at all sort of way. A weak and wobbly bigot is teaming up with some truly awful abominations, and all we can do is sit and watch. It looks as … Continue reading

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Statues in the park

It is such a beautiful day today – we weegies have to celebrate these – so Niall and I pocketed our cameras and headed out to Kelvingrove. The sun was shining on the Uni tower, looking tiny here in comparison … Continue reading

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Fossil Grove

Today we drove down to Victoria Park to visit Fossil Grove, some fossilised Lepidodendron trees discovered in 1887 and preserved in a museum. Inside was very dark, and it was really hard taking any pics. Here’s the model showing where the … Continue reading

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Evening walk

It’s been a dreich weekend, but yesterday evening it was dry enough that Niall and I headed out for a walk. We walked up the road behind our house and I was pleased to see a gull posing nicely for … Continue reading

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Around the University

It was dry again at lunchtime today so I slipped my camera in my pocket and headed out again. As I wandered through Professors’ Square I spied a crow hopping around. He obliged me by staying still just long enough … Continue reading

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Cultivated wild flowers

As I was wandering around Uni today I noticed this flower bed at the side of the road. Up until this year, these beds have contained cultivated flowers, but this year they also contain a fair amount of “wild” flowers … Continue reading

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Content is Glasgow?

Last summer the Commonwealth Games were in Glasgow. The image on the left is the perky mascot, Clyde, with the slogan “People make Glasgow” proudly displayed on his chest. I was reminded of this last night when I saw it … Continue reading

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Another blog

Recently my University set up an official blog for Uni staff.  I haven’t quite worked out how to use it yet (as in, what I should be posting), but it makes sense to have something a bit more official for … Continue reading

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