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When is a pilot not a pilot?

Recently we’ve been running some software pilots in our unit. Although I am sure that some folk in our Uni think that we are unnecessarily risk averse with regard to core systems such as Moodle (“it’s just  a line of … Continue reading

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Be careful what you “black box”

I often describe my job as a learning technologist as “trying not to break things”.  Folk respond to this with a nervous laugh, because they are fairly sure it is a joke that they don’t understand, but there’s a serious … Continue reading

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#ocTEL week 0: Big and Little Questions

Another day, another MOOC, this time ocTEL 2014, the MOOC run by ALT.  As ever, I’m just signing up to see what it’s like, and actually wondering whether these low level activities are good for me or whether (probably) I’d … Continue reading

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