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From Icemeet to Runswick

A ChatGPT response for today’s Daily Create n the heart of winter, a tale unfolded—a journey from the frost-kissed village of Icemeet to the coastal haven of Runswick. A trio of travelers set forth on this expedition: Elara, a young … Continue reading

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Writer’s Silence

I am reduced to silence Promising ideas dance at the edge of my mind Quietly vanishing when caught on paper Inky moths, stilled by a lepidopterist’s pin Dying, dissolving, leaving me bereft Exhausted by the effort of achieving nothing, I … Continue reading

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Getting back into the habit

I haven’t written much here recently. I used to write at least one post a month, but once I started posting my Silent Sunday photo posts time has passed my by without me noticing that has been all I’ve been … Continue reading

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Goodbye to 2022

Some people walk around talking to themselves, the world at large, or anyone who might listen. Others of us blog. I often use this space to work out what I am thinking by writing out my thoughts – as Laurel … Continue reading

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Past me

Sitting, pen in hand, with blank paper in front of me, I chastise my past self. I shout at her for being lazy, for not writing more, so that I would need to write less. But my past self was … Continue reading

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Why I write

I write to understand I write to create new worlds I write to remember. I write to relax I write to grieve I write to forget.

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Sort of writing

Today, instead of writing about CLMOOC, I have been writing to CLMOOCers. It’s a start!

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Writer’s Block

I’ve stalled. With just under five months till I submit my completed thesis I have run out of steam. I have no time to waste, and so I waste time. I know all of the advice – I have given … Continue reading

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Good enough

I was asked this week how I write. Quickly, I said – in odd moments snatched whenever I can find them. I try not to think too much about what I’m writing – I scribble words on scraps of paper, … Continue reading

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Word limits

Busy days – holidays ending, a conference to prepare for. Not enough space to write. Still, I watch the conversations from the sidelines. Words constrain, words are constrained. How many words are pictures worth? Nick’s post inspires me. I try … Continue reading

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