Storyjumpers 4: Confessions of a uke player

[This is part 4 of a story jumping activity for Digital Writing Month. Bruno started it, followed by Kevin  and Maha. Sign up in the Google Doc if you’d like to join in]

Ouch – my head hurts! What on earth happened last night? I remember going out to play my uke with the gang, then one drink led to another and at some point I have a hazy recollection of us  getting chucked out of the pub because Kevin would not stop playing his sax. Ugh, where’s the paracetamol?  Darn – my uke’s broken again – I’ll have to take it over to Kevin and see if he’ll fix it. I’ll go round the back way, though – that weirdo who lives across the road from him freaks me out  – I’m sure she fancies him – she’s always there at her window – she thinks we can’t see her, but we can. Honestly, she should find a hobby like knitting or something – or get a cat.

What day is it today anyway … hmmm … November 1st … I’m sure there was something I was meant to do … Hang on, what’s this bit of paper – it’s so crumpled up I can hardly make it out Digi … Wri …Mo … Nope, not  a clue. I’ll ring my friend Ron and see if he can help me find out what happens next.

[Over to Ron Leunissen]

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