img_1531Last year, as a way of introducing ourselves at the beginning of Digital Writing Month (DigiWriMo), Maha, Kevin and I came up with the idea of an ALT-CV (a Curriculum Vitae, or CV, is the British word for resume):

What if we could write a CV that was based not on degrees and position and peer-reviewed publications, but on what we think is most important about who we are and what we are genuinely most proud to have accomplished? We know it’s not the first time some of you see an activity of introducing yourself differently – so this might be easier for some than others, but we hope all of you will enjoy doing this.

I collected all of the results to a Hack Pad:

We were amazed by the variety of media that folk used to do this, and loved all of the rich content that resulted. So this year, as CLMooc does DigiWriMo, we’re inviting all of you to put together an ALT-CV and share it with us all by posting it to the Facebook Group, the G+Community, sharing with the #CLMooc hashtag on Twitter – or all of them.

Here’s mine from last year.

And here’s a brand new Hack Pad to collate this year’s ones:

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2 Responses to Pop-Up ALT-CV

  1. charlenedoland57@gmail.com says:

    This is AWESOME, Sarah! I know I missed some of the #AltCVs from last year, so it’s great to have them “indexed” in one location.

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