Be the Pink Panther

Today’s Daily Create  brought to mind a quote from Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus:

Write to the nth power, the n – 1 power, write with slogans: Make rhizomes, not roots, never plant! Don’t sow, grow offshoots! Don’t be one or multiple, be multiplicities! Run lines, never plot a point! Speed turns the point into a line! Be quick, even when standing still! Line of chance, line  of hips, line of flight. Don’t bring out the General in you! Don’t have just ideas, just have an idea (Godard). Have short-term ideas. Make maps, not photos or drawings. Be the Pink Panther and your loves will be like the wasp and the orchid, the cat and the baboon. ATP p. 24-5

It’s all about heterogeneity and rhizomes, of course – about working outside the lines, about not conforming to state control. It’s the essence of DS106 and CLMooc, for me. So here’s a gif for today:

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2 Responses to Be the Pink Panther

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  2. Pedant Patrol circles around us (my fault).

    The jewel stolen in the movie was called the Pink Panther, I’m pretty sure.

    That does not diminish the real meaning of your quote.

    Criss-cross connect and attach.
    Make links between bits that match.
    If there’s an itch, have a more general scratch.
    Out of just one thing, generate a whole batch.

    Make a link,
    Not a stink.
    Deeply drink!

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