Dot dot dot

Mashing together two prompts today: Wendy’s post for #MoDigiWri and the Daily Create also for today.

I visited the Dotsies site and grabbed the bookmarklet up to my tool bar, then headed over to Wendy’s blog and applied it, screen shot the result and pasted the image into Paint to crop it. The resulting image, here on the left, is her poem translated into dots.

Wendy’s post about code and “hidden” writing  reminds me of Bertrand Russell’s distinction between surface grammar and depth grammar. Is the grammar of the surface more misleading, as he thought? Is the underlying structure of our thought really dots? (Russell didn’t say that, he was talking about philosophical logic – I am applying a poetic licence to his idea that I am sure he would not have approved of.)

Where is all this talk of dots leading me? Watch this space … and remember that “A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk“.

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5 Responses to Dot dot dot

  1. Clever. You are all so clever. And the badges in your sidebar are embellished bird dots 🙂 I’ve always envisioned my thoughts as connected sparks in my brain, constantly moving and reconnecting until something merges. Enlightened dots within us.

  2. Wendy Taleo says:

    I love how the Dotsies are still tree-ish. As I see images in poems (often), I wonder about the underlying structure of things. Very glad for your interpretation here 🙂

    • NomadWarMachine says:

      I have been thinking about this all evening. Russell thought about THE truth underneath, I am thinking about all of the different interpretations we find when we riff off each other. Thankful to all of you for playing.

  3. Yes to Wendy and Sarah– we, in our own paths — are the underlying individual truths, and together we spark progress towards THE truth. I’m just glad our dots connected. 🙂

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