A Treasure

I came home on a wet and windy evening earlier this week to find a card through my door telling me that the postie had tried to deliver a “brown box”. I wasn’t expecting any deliveries, so I wondered what it could be. Today I found out.

Glass bauble with gold snowman Glass bauble with gold decoration

This is the most exquisite Christmas bauble, with snowmen on two sides and an abstract design on the other two. It is absolutely beautiful and will have pride of place on our tree (away from anywhere that little cat, who thinks that the tree is a game just for her to play, can reach them). Thank you, Charlene.

CAgney cat trying to hook christmas tree decorations

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  1. charlenedoland57 says:

    You are very welcome, Sarah. I’m glad it arrived in one piece! I had visions of a thousand shards…

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